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Aug 29, 2016

Septins step in to promote macropinosome fusion

After they are formed by the closure of membrane ruffles, macropinosomes mature by fusing with each other and with endosomes, before eventually delivering their fluid phase cargo to lysosomes. Dolat and Spiliotis reveal that septin filaments promote macropinosome maturation and lysosomal delivery by facilitating macropinosome/endosome fusion. This biosights episode presents the paper by Dolat and Spiliotis from the August 29th, 2016, issue of The Journal of Cell Biology and includes an interview with the paper's senior author, Elias Spiliotis (Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA). Produced by Caitlin Sedwick and Ben Short. See the associated paper in JCB for details on the funding provided to support this original research.


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