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Jun 8, 2015

Melanosomal cargoes BLOC'd off from alternate routes

The BLOC-2 complex contains three subunits encoded by genes mutated in Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome, a disease caused by defects in the trafficking pathways that form melanosomes and other lysosome-related organelles. Dennis et al. reveal that the BLOC-2 complex promotes the delivery of melanosomal cargo by targeting recycling endosomal tubules to maturing melanosomes. This biosights episode presents the paper by Dennis et al. from the May 25, 2015, issue of The Journal of Cell Biology and includes an interview with one of the paper's senior authors, Michael Marks (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA). Produced by Caitlin Sedwick and Ben Short. See the associated paper in JCB for details on the funding provided to support this original research.


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